Your Body Type, At Some Point, Might Be the “Ideal”: You Have to See This!

Over the past 3,000 years, the so-called “ideal” body shape has been constantly in flux. The standards of beauty change over time, by the influence of society, art and the media. This viral video that has over 15 million hits, still counting, displays a diversity of archetypes highlighting feminine beauty standards in different countries and periods. Through the years, the “ideal” woman’s body type has taken on a number of forms. In ancient Egypt, it was lean shoulders and a thin waist, and slim waist during the Han Dynasty. On the other hand, ways on how to lose abdominal fat was irrelevant during the Italian Renaissance because round stomach was ideal while in the 80’s, it was athletic built with curves. Today, losing stomach fat for women is a trend, to match the very specific body type that is considered ideal. But the models in this video have showed us that every body type has, at some point been “ideal”, and that today’s ideal may not be the same type in the years to come. Please SHARE if you think every body type is beautiful, and that all women, in all sizes and shapes radiate beauty.

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