Weight Loss Success Story: Victim of Bullying Shares Her Secrets to Losing Belly Fat. Must Read!

Caitlin Flora was a victim of bullying. She was bullied for being chubby and big-chested as a preteen. Because of this, she developed an unhealthy relationship with food at a young age. While Selena Gomez’ weight gain has been of much speculation, this story is bound to inspire. Read on and learn about her secrets to losing belly fat. 11 “My classmates teased
 me because I was a 160-pound 12-year-old who wore a D-cup bra,” she says. “I coped with the pain by sneaking cupcakes and chocolate into my bedroom and eating all night how to reduce belly fat.” At 16, she started working at a fast-food restaurant where she habitually indulged in burgers, fries, and soda. This made her situation worse. At her 18th birthday, she weighed 280 pounds. Then there was a wake-up call. Caitlin finally decided to stop overeating when a friend who she had never seen for years asked her if she is pregnant. “I was humiliated and cried uncontrollably in my car,” she says. “Up until that point I had been in such denial how to lose belly fat.” Just like most people, Caitlin had never felt comfortable exercising at first. “At first I was so out of breath from walking in place that I could only finish eight minutes of the program,” she says. But after a month, things just got better. She increased her workouts. “I eat clean so 3 meal, 2 snacks. I eat every 3 hours and drink 3 liters of water daily. I exercise 45 minutes per day with weights and then I train clients.” She also confessed that her weight loss success feels so good that she feels like she had won the lottery. Take her advice to lose weight and enjoy a fabulous body like Amanda Seyfried’s. “Be consistent, get support, write about it or keep a journal. Don’t be the problem, be the solution. Three things you must do in order to lose weight are drink loads of water, exercise 5 days a week, and eat healthy.”

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