Straightforward Rules for Safe and Effective Weight Loss

If  you are trying to lose weight, but you do not know which way to start, drop the stress now. You don't need a complicated weight loss plan to reduce body fat. Instead, live by these simple rules and you will surely love the results.

One of the best ways to lose body fat percentage fast is by avoiding alcohol.

1. Avoid drinking alcohol.

As much as possible, you should limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol drops your inhibition, which cause you to end up feeling like you can eat anything and everything you want. Alcoholic intake should be reduced not solely because of its own calories, but also because of the calories it inspires you to consume later. 2. Mind the food labels. If you can spend a lot of your time reading your Facebook feeds, then why can’t you not read your food labels? There are specific ingredients that you should avoid simply because they are not good for your health and body shape. They are the following:
  • Simple sugars
  • Enriched or refined flour
  • HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup)
  • Saturated fat
  • Trans fat
  Meals that contain saturated fat result in lower levels of leptin compared to low-fat meals with the exact same calories. This means you can decrease hunger levels by getting rid of saturated fats found in particular sources like high-fat meats, baked goods, and whole-milk dairy products. 3. Lose abdominal fat by drinking water more often. When you feel hungry, drink a glass or two of water first, to see if that's really what your body wants. Drinking water is an effective way to control your cravings. An effective way to counteract your hormonal reaction to food is to ensure that your response to thirst activation does not contain redundant, empty calories that are usually found in soft drinks. 4. Choose your carbs. Make sure that you stay away from a super-high-carb diet. Most of your carbs should be complex, such as whole grains and vegetables. Losing stomach fat can be easier with the right food choices. 5. Check your weight often. No, it is not an unhealthy obsession. You can make it a habit to serve as an early warning system for preventing weight regain. Doing so can also serve as a sense of motivation. It also helps if you will surround yourself with people that are enthusiastic to lose weight. You may also contact a dermatology group in NY to know more about safe and effective fat procedures.  

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