Sculpting the Upper Arms

Many people find that, no matter how many biceps curls they do, they cannot tone and sculpt their arms to the degree that they desire.  The reason is that improving the appearance of the arms is not dependent only on the size of your muscles; you must also decrease excess fat cells in the area and tighten the overlying skin. The Body Treatment Center offers two excellent treatments for sculpting the upper arms.  Both Venus Concept and TruSculpt deliver excellent results for the upper arms.  During your initial consultation, we will help you to determine which treatment will be most beneficial for your body, based on your needs, budget, and timeline. Venus Concept uses a series of non-invasive treatments to deliver a combination of bipolar radiofrequency energy and magnetic pulses to your upper arms.  These mechanisms break down excess fat in the area and tighten the overlying skin.  The result is sculpting and contouring of the upper arms, without any surgery or downtime. TruSculpt is an innovative new procedure, which has delivered excellent improvement in the appearance of the upper arms.  TruSculpt uses radiofrequency energy to reduce fat cells in the treated area, and stimulate collagen production in the overlying skin.  The result is tightening, sculpting, and contouring of the upper arms after only one to two treatments.  TruSculpt is painfree and does not require any downtime after the treatment.