Outer Thighs

Getting rid of excess fat on the outer thighs is the goal of many people.  No matter how many miles you run or how many squats you do at the gym, it is often difficult to get rid of that last bit of outer thigh fat.  The Body Treatment Center recognizes this and offers a solution for slimming down the outer thighs.  Since every patient has different needs, the Body Treatment Center utilizes both TruSculpt and the Venus Concept to get rid of excess fat on the outer thighs. TruSculpt is an exciting and innovative new technology, used to remove excess fat from the body without surgery.  Radiofrequency energy is used to break down unwanted fat cells on the body, while tightening and contouring the overlying skin.  Only one or two treatments are necessary to see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your outer thighs with TruSculpt. Venus Concept is another non-invasive treatment used to tighten and contour the body.  Using a combination of radiofrequency energy and magnetic pulses, the Venus Concept removes excess fat cells and tightens the overlying skin.  A series of 8-10 treatments yield a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the outer thighs. Both TruSculpt and Venus Concept effectively remove excess fat from the outer thighs and tighten the overlying skin without the need for invasive surgery.  The treatments are very comfortable; there is no pain or downtime after the procedure. Patients with cellulite on the outer thighs may benefit from a minimally invasive treatment called Cellulaze.  Cellulaze removes fat from the outer thighs and improves the quality of the overlying skin, but also breaks up the fibrous bands that cause dimpling on the skin. During your initial consultation at the Body Treatment Center, we will determine which treatment will be most beneficial for the needs of your body.