The neck can be a giveaway for a person’s age.  Often sun protection and good skin care will keep the face looking youthful, but the combination of not protecting the neck from the sun and general gravitational pull can make the neck one of the first areas to age.  Both women and men may find that they are in need of tightening of the neck and jawline. There are two excellent treatments available for tightening the neck and improving its appearance without surgery.  Both the Venus Concept and Thermage deliver dramatic improvement for the neck, without the need for a facelift. Thermage works by stimulating collagen production in the skin, using monopolar radiofrequency energy, which leads to skin tightening.  Two to four months after a single treatment, collagen production will lead to improved contouring and tightening of the neck and jawline.  By improving the health of the skin, the skin’s texture is also improved. Venus Concept delivers two types of energy, bipolar radiofrequency and magnetic pulses, to tighten and improve the skin’s texture.  A short series of treatments can reduce excess fat under the skin, as well as tighten and contour the neck.  As with Thermage treatment, the texture of the skin will also be improved. During your initial consultation, we will help you to determine the best treatment for improving the appearance of your neck.  Both treatments are performed at the Body Treatment Center in Manhattan.