Loose skin above the knees can make someone very self-conscious about wearing a skirt or shorts.  Unfortunately, loose skin is usually the cause of the problem, so exercise cannot help to tighten up the area.  The only way to tighten loose skin, without surgery, is to stimulate collagen production of the skin.  Healthier collagen, with better elasticity, leads to tighter and smoother skin. Thermage is the most effective treatment for skin tightening.  Thermage delivers monopolar radiofrequency energy to the treated area, which stimulates collagen turnover.  By forming healthier collagen in the area, the skin is tightened and contoured to a more desirable appearance.  Only one treatment is necessary for most patients to see significant tightening above their knees.  Some improvement can be seen on the day of the treatment, due to immediately collagen remodeling, but most improvement is seen as the collagen renews over time.  The final result of a single treatment can be appreciated approximately four months after the procedure. At the Body Treatment Center in Manhattan, we utilize the newest and most up-to-date Thermage technology, called Thermage CPT. When compared to older Thermage treatments, Thermage CPT is much more comfortable (during the treatment, you feel only mild heat), faster, and produces better results.