Inner Thighs

The Body Treatment Center is proud to introduce two unique treatments for slimming the inner thighs.  Even the most dedicated athletes can hold on to a bit of excess fat in this area; non-invasive treatments, such as TruSculpt and Venus Concept, can get rid of the excess fat and contour your inner thighs. TruSculpt uses a mechanism called radiofrequency energy to improve the appearance of your inner thighs.  By breaking down unwanted fat cells and tightening the overlying skin, TruSculpt gets rid of excess fat, in addition to sculpting and toning the inner thighs without surgery.  Only one or two TruSculpt treatments are necessary to have impressive sculpting and contouring of the inner thighs. Venus Concept is another non-invasive treatment for reducing fat on the inner thighs.  It works by two simultaneous types of energy; radiofrequency energy and magnetic pulses are combined to break down excess fat cells and improve the appearance of overlying skin.  A series of approximately eight painless treatments delivers a significant reduction of fat on the inner thighs and remarkable tightening of the overlying skin.  The result is a slimmer inner thigh, with reduction of fat, and improved sculpting and contouring of the area without any downtime. For patients with cellulite on the inner thighs, a minimally invasive treatment called Cellulaze can be used to not only remove fat and improve the appearance of the overlying skin, but also break up the fibrous bands that cause dimpling on the skin. During your initial consultation at the Body Treatment Center, we will help you to determine which treatment is best for improving the appearance of your inner thighs