How to Improve Your Belly

Your belly can be a tricky area to improve upon; sometimes all of the exercise in the world can’t get rid of that last bulge of fat.  That is why the belly is one of the most popular areas that we treat at the Body Treatment Center. There are two separate issues that must be addressed when treating the midsection: removing fat and tightening the overlying skin.  In order to fully sculpt and tighten the area, most people need to address both of these issues.  If your skin is taut over the area, you may choose to concentrate on fat removal treatments alone (like Zeltiq CoolSculpting), and vice versa – if you have very little excess fat in the area, but have loose skin, this loose skin should be tightened (Thermage is great for this.) Thermage is one of the most popular treatments with our female patients after pregnancy.  Many women are able to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy size with diet and exercise, but it can sometimes be difficult to tighten the stretched skin without a bit of help.  Thermage stimulates collagen production in the skin, with leads to tighter skin and better contouring on the abdomen. Zeltiq CoolSculpting focuses on fat removal, for patients who do not need skin tightening.  Through a unique technique called cryolipolysis, Zeltiq CoolSculpting reduces fat cells in a localized area by 20%. TruSculpt is an excellent treatment for the belly, as it both gets rid of fat and tightens the overlying skin.  Deep radiofrequency energy breaks down fat cells in the treated area, while simultaneously stimulating the production of healthy collagen to tighten the skin. The Venus Concept uses two separate mechanisms to improve the belly; both radiofrequency and magnetic pulses are utilized to get rid of excess fat and improve the appearance of the skin. Many options exist for sculpting and tightening your belly.  During your initial consultation, we will review these options with you and determine the best treatment for the needs of your body.  All treatments are performed at the Body Treatment Center in Manhattan.