No to Fat Tummy: Ways to Detox that are All about Fabulous and Delicious

You might look at detox negatively now, like it is something that’s associated with hunger, weird food, kale juice and colonics. But there’s another kind of detox that’s all about fabulous, delicious food. You can opt for the later kind to take a giant jumpstart for your health, get rid of your fat tummy and a reboot for your metabolism. We’re giving you direct routes to detox, lose weight and achieve Catherine Zeta Jones’ curves.

high-protein-egg-breakfastStart a pretty day with protein

Protein for breakfast helps balance your blood sugar and insulin. Make it a habit to welcome your day with whole farm eggs or a protein shake. You may also add nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, chicken or grass-fed meat for protein at every meal. Eggs are an inexpensive and easy source of protein.

carbsChoose the right kinds of carbs

There are really good kinds of carbs, like the non-starchy veggies such as greens, the broccoli family (including cauliflower, kale and collards), asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, fennel, eggplant, artichokes, peppers, etc. You can actually eat as much as you want, as long as you eat the right kinds, especially if you are seriously into the best ways on how to lose body fat.

organicDon’t panic and go organic

Avoid processed foods simply because they do not provide the essential nutrients that your body needs. Instead, opt for dark green vegetables which are full of micronutrients and are very low in calories.

fatsHave good fats at every meal

Along with protein, have good fats at every meal and snack. The best sources of good fats are nuts, seeds and omega-3 fats from fish. Be sure you get enough of fatty fish. The term “fatty fish” may sound uninviting, but actually, these are the healthiest and most delightful foods from the sea. Nut butters are also great sources of healthy fats.

STARCHYLet starchy foods stay on the menu

Starchy foods like whole wheat pasta, potatoes, and even whole-grain bread are fine. Let them stay on your menu. They are rich in glucose, which stimulates insulin release, “a normal and healthy physiologic reaction, says Richard Johnson, author of The Sugar Fix (Rodale, 2008).

sTurn to smoothies

Turning to a smoothie for one of your meals is a fun, refreshing way to jumpstart your metabolism.

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