LOOK: Diversity of Cultural Beauty Will Take Your Breath Away. And, You Too Can Look This Regal!

While everyone seems to be mesmerized by the beauty of Amanda Seyfried, this video that has reached over a million views makes more people appreciate the exquisiteness of more women as it exposes diverse traditions of beauty. Once there were three women. One is Hindu, another one’s heritage is English, Irish, Scottish and the third woman is an American born Chinese. Hair and makeup artists came in and transformed these naturally beautiful women with looks inspired by their heritage. How did they react after seeing their transformation? You should see for yourself! Today, modern women strive to improve themselves, relying on Coolsculpting to get rid of love handles in NYC, shopping for Mac and updating their wardrobe for the fashion trends. But this video only proves that women from different ethnic backgrounds are naturally beautiful, and have unique culture and identity to be proud of. Please SHARE if you, too, are captivated by the diversity of cultural beauty.

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