#FatisNOTaFeeling: WATCH and Feel Inspired to Love Your Body for the Rest of Your Life

Every single day. The “fat is not a feeling” hashtag has been around lately and many people can relate to it. You and I, sometimes we feel fat. And it’s an unexplainable emotional experience when you feel you don’t have a nice bod like Amanda Seyfried’s, but caught somewhere between inadequacy, disappointment, self-loathing, and anxiety. But this viral video from Buzzfeed, featuring writer and performer Caroline Rothstein tells us there is NO SUCH THING AS FEELING FAT. After watching the video, you’ll certainly feel more grateful about the things your body can do and will be more inspired to love your body for the rest of your life, every single day. While most patients are relying on Coolsculpting to get rid of love handles in NYC, Rothstein tells us that your CHOICE to love your body is revolutionary. And before you start looking for the best ways on how to lose body fat, she says there is no such thing as feeling fat. “There are moments when I feel fat. And when I think I feel fat, I remember that fat is not a feeling. There’s no such thing as feeling fat. So when I feel ‘fat,’ I know that means I’m feeling something else and it’s worth figuring out what that is.” You only have one body in this lifetime. It’s your vessel and you have to love it. We all have our ways of loving our bodies. Some accept it as it is, while some think losing stomach fat is necessary. Whichever path you choose, make sure it’s the right course for you. SHARE if you love your body, if you’ve decided to love your body or if you hope you can love your body.

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