Liposuction is an outpatient surgical procedure, which is used to remove stubborn areas of excess fat from the body.  The Body Treatment Center has an excellent plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Wolfeld, who specializes in plastic surgery for the body.  He performs liposuction regularly for women and men who want to get rid of excess areas of fat on their body. Liposuction is generally performed with only local anesthesia (you will not need to be put to ‘sleep’ for most liposuction procedures.)  During a treatment, a small cannula is inserted into the fat, to physically remove the excess fat in the layer below the skin.  Dr. Wolfeld commonly uses a technique called tumescent liposuction, in which a medication is injected into the areas of excess fat prior to the fat removal.  This injection of fluid allows for easier fat removal, decreased blood loss during the produces, and provides anesthesia (numbing) to the area both during and immediately following the procedure.  The fluid also helps to reduce bruising seen following the procedure. During your initial consultation at the Body Treatment Center in New York City, we will review all of the treatment options for your body and determine whether liposuction would be an effective treatment for you.