Cellulaze at the Body Treatment Center

Cellulaze is a unique, minimally invasive treatment, which not only gets rid of fat and improves the texture of the overlying skin, but also reduces the appearance of cellulite.  Cellulaze is the first treatment of its kind; it fills a void in the body treatment market, but being the first treatment to offer a significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite. Cellulaze works by three different mechanisms: it removes excess pockets of fat from the thighs and buttocks, breaks up fibrous bands that pull down on the fat to cause dimpling, and improves the appearance of the overlying skin to produce a smoother look.  One Cellulaze treatment is sufficient to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least a year. Cellulaze is performed at the Body Treatment Center using only local anesthesia, you will remain completely ‘awake’ for the treatment.  The treatment itself takes approximately one hour and consists of only a few tiny injections in the skin, through which a tiny cannula is inserted.  After the treatment, there is sometimes mild temporary bruising, but little downtime. This treatment has been very popular, due to its dramatic results for a frustrating condition, and studies report the patient satisfaction rate after Cellulaze treatment to be at 93%!